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If you've not yet come across this young man from Nottingham, UK, I strongly suggest you have a listen to this. Man, what a voice!


The Diva's birthday!!!

Happy Birthday doctorsdiva :)

I'm writing you a small fic as a present, should be done in the next 24 hrs or so.

And yes, it's crammed with smut - just the way you like 'em. ;)
It has become my lot to get this gorgeous and talented young man noticed, liked, followed...and it is by no means a hardship.

Matt Henshaw has been a friend for almost as long as I've been a fan - nearly six years. And in that time I've watched him grow from a lovely talented singer/songwriter in a band into the gorgeous superbly talented solo artist he has become. He has a voice that could make an angel weep for joy, has overcome some personal issues that would break a lesser man, and has come out the other side stronger, wiser and writing songs with a maturity that belies his years. (he's 25)

It would please us both greatly if you would have a listen to these two songs, his first solo releases. It Aint Easy has been a personal favourite of mine since I first heard it almost a year ago, and I'm so glad he's chosen it as his first release. Backed with My Life, these are the two songs that will launch him on the path to almost certain greatness...talent like this cannot and should not be ignored/not heard.

So please, take five minutes and give them a listen. They are truly gorgeous (yes, I know I'm biased, but I honestly think you'll love them and him too)

Should you decide you like him, follow him on Twitter here Facebook here Reverbnation here

Thanks lovelies.

Fic. You Think You Have Time. (1/1)

Title - You Think You Have Time
Author - Tardismate
Rating - PG13
Disclaimer - Not mine. If it was, DT would be forever tied to the show. Or me. Not fussy which...
Authors Note - I blame lillibetm3 for this, my second angsty fic in an absolute age. She tempted me with her ficathon, the Plus One Ficathon here . I am easily led...Not beta'd. It's only a little'un. And no smut. Apologies to my regular smut!fiends. Maybe next time ;) Written for prompt 15.

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Fic. Half Sick Of Shadows (1/1)

Title - Half Sick Of Shadows
Author - Tardismate
Rating - PG13
Disclaimer - Not mine. If it was, DT would be forever tied to the show.Or me. Not fussy which...
Authors Note - I blame lillibetm3 for this, my first fic in an absolute age. She tempted me with her ficathon. I am easily led...Not beta'd. And no smut. Apologies to my regular smut!fiends. Perhaps it will surface...maybe as a follow-up...

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I blame lillibetm3..

Sponatneous Fangirl Combustion
It seems I have been dragged kicking and screaming back into doing whofic's all Lillibet's fault, being a wicked temptress...she tweeted me with this link, so I had to go and take a look. Prompt #8 jumped out at me screaming "Angsty!fic !!! " - and so it is.

One Ten/Rose angsty!fic is now under construction, god help me.

I really really shouldn't; I should be concentrating on the crime of passion ON i'm in the middle of, the band promotion i'm employed to do, the merchandise sourcing/production I'm employed to do by aforementioned band... not to mention caring for my parent and my full-time occupation of shop supervisor...but what the hell.

Better than sitting twiddling my thumbs lol

Fic. When The Cold Wind Blows (1/1)

Title - When The Cold Wind Blows
Author - Tardismate
Rating - PG13 (swearing) (1/1)
Disclaimer - Not mine. If it was, DT would be forever tied to the show. Really.
Not beta'd. Just a shortie, to whet your smut, though...not yet...

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Return of the miscreant...

well, hello, lovely ones. It's good to be back. I finally have a new laptop, and am typing up some stuff written painstakingly by hand, and on my phone. You probably haven't missed me, but I've sure as hell missed you!

Give me a day or two, and normal service shall be resumed...smutty goodness on it's way. and some very smutty goodness will follow soon after, I promise. (None of which shall contain Eleven. No siree. Not in this lifetime...or the next...

Anyway...back to the grind...


This was probably the hardest thng to write I have ever done, simply because of the subject. I admit to sobbing as I wrote it, because TEoT left me a broken emotional mess. I make no apologies for this, and fully expect to hand out a plethora of tissues. So take a box each now. You'll most likely need them.

*Wipes eyes and sniffles*

Title - Moments That Take Your Breath Away - Part 4
Author - Tardismate
Rating - PG13 (swearing)
Disclaimer - not mine. If it was, DT would be forever tied to the show. Really.
Not beta'd, written and uploaded via smartphone, ergo I accept all blame for mistakes/mistyping.

You know the Ood are calling you for a reason, but you also know that it means your tenure of this body is almost at an end and so you do what you do best; you deny and you run.
Finally you have nowhere else you can hide, so you go and face it head on. Ood Sigma waits for you, and you laugh and joke, trying to push away the encroaching darkness, but to no avail. The meeting with the Ood Elders puts paid to that. As they take your hands and you see what they see, your breath solidifies in your chest and pain fills your hearts; you can't breathe for it. The Master. It can't be...he died. He did. You performed the ritual, watched his body burn. You show them your memories, then they show you the rest of their dream. Wilfred. Lucy Saxon. Donna. Oh, Donna...A man you don't know. Their words chill you to your very core. The End Of Time. Impossible!
And again you run, towards the TARDIS, towards the Earth, each stride taking you closer and closer to your fate, (to your death, you know it, feel it in the strands of time running through your head) but there is no choice, not really, and as you set the co-ordinates you have to use your respiratory bypass, because it's happening. The end of time, and the end of you.
You open the TARDIS door, and you know the truth of the Ood visions. You can't breathe as you feel his presence in your mind; the only other Time Lord left in the universe, but he's wrong. He's burning his lifeforce, burning so brightly you can place where he is.
He's taunting you, banging out the rhythm inside his head, the sound of his madness. You run towards the sound, see him on top of the pile of debris and run to find him, to stop whatever he intends and you're suddenly
Before you know it, you've been groped, had your photo taken and been taken to a cafe.

Wilf is talking to you and you have no idea what's going on. All you feel is the overwhelming urge to make him stop, and so you blurt it out before you can stop yourself.
"I'm going to die."
You tell him how it feels to know that everything you are now will cease to be; that your new self will be different; and you feel the tears tighten your throat and threaten to spill from your eyes. You can't breathe. Especially when you see that Wilf's eyes are wet too. The pain in your hearts tears at your chest, and you know you won't be brave when the time comes.

The Master. The sound in his head, it's real. You hear it. Your chest hurts with the effort of trying to breathe. They did it. Rassilon, the Timelords. That bastard. Oh, that bastard! Then you see her behind him. Tears roll down her face. You have to send them back, back to the Hell of your making. Rassilon...and your own mother. You want to die at having to commit matricide, but you have a job to do. So you carry on, but The Master actually saves you, and the people of this wonderful little planet. Between you, you send them back. Vanquished. But at a price, and the price is Wilf. Four little taps tell you that.
Oh. Realisation dawns.

It's been him all along. He's your executioner.

You rage against the inevitable, but you know what you have to do. So you do it. The radiation stops your breath and you collapse, convinced this is it. Except it's not.

You're dying, can feel the changes at a cellular level that mean regeneration is inevitable. You're dying, so you know what you have to do.

The Sontaran has his back to you so it's easy to put him out. You watch as the new Mr & Mrs Smith hold each other as they realise why you're there. Goodbye Martha, Mickey.

You save Luke from being run down and wait at the TARDIS as he calls for his mother. She knows why you're here and begins to cry. Goodbye Sarah Jane.

Your Captain sits at bar in a spaceport, alone. Not like him, you think, and spotting an old acquaintance, quickly scrawl a note, telling Jack that the young man's name is Alonso. Be happy Jack. Please. Goodbye, Captain.

It's a beautiful day, Donna's wedding day. Wilf and her mother spot you, Wilf overjoyed to see you as you were, that you haven't changed. You give her mother an envelope, a wedding present for the happy couple. But you tell her the story, that you borrowed a quid from a lovely man...and tears fill her eyes as you tell her who it was. As you leave, you turn and see your best friend happy, and your breath hurts your chest. Goodbye Donna.

You have one more stop to make. The hardest of all.

The Powell Estate. New Years Eve. You watch as she tells off her mother then hugs her. You long to hug her, the love you could never have, but the pain suddenly races through you and you groan. Your beautiful bright Rose sees you in the shadows, and you have to hear her voice once more before you go. She doesn't know you yet. You tell her it'll be a brilliant year for her, and it will. It's the year you meet. You can't breathe as you watch her walk away from you for the last time. Now you're racked with pain.
Goodbye, my love. My Rose.

It's done. You stagger towards the TARDIS, pain blinding you and beside it is Ood Sigma. He brings you the gift of Oodsong, and it gives you just enough strength to reach the doors. The glow is beginning, the Artron energy starting to leach out of your cells. You take one final breath in, and use it to voice the overwhelming feeling you have.
"I don't want to go!"

But the golden fire consumes you. Your breathing stops.

There is no more.

Denial is a State of Mind (1/1)

Ten/Rose manip
Title: Denial is a State of Mind (1/1)
Author: tardismate
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: ANOTHER Pressie from tardismate (posted by lorelaisquared

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