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A word of warning...

Just thought I'd warn you all.

I'm writing again.

And it's Nine/Rose.

Aaaaand...it's smut.

*grins manically*

Okay, that's it. for now.
As you were.....


Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving, whether you're on your own or with family/friends.

Love ya


I've been absent for far too long...

It has been a long time, I know...

Life got in the way, I kind of fell out of love with Who during Eleven's tenure, and I'm still not sure of Twelve - brilliant actor, but as The Doctor, I'm not so sure...

I fell in love with Sherlock (and Benedict Cumberbatch) and have been writing Sherlock!fic and a bit of RPF...

I found some old fic on my hard drive so I posted it on Teaspoon, and then realised that I hadn't posted on here in what seems like forever.

So I thought I'd say hi and see if you still love me

If you've not yet come across this young man from Nottingham, UK, I strongly suggest you have a listen to this. Man, what a voice!


The Diva's birthday!!!

Happy Birthday doctorsdiva :)

I'm writing you a small fic as a present, should be done in the next 24 hrs or so.

And yes, it's crammed with smut - just the way you like 'em. ;)
It has become my lot to get this gorgeous and talented young man noticed, liked, followed...and it is by no means a hardship.

Matt Henshaw has been a friend for almost as long as I've been a fan - nearly six years. And in that time I've watched him grow from a lovely talented singer/songwriter in a band into the gorgeous superbly talented solo artist he has become. He has a voice that could make an angel weep for joy, has overcome some personal issues that would break a lesser man, and has come out the other side stronger, wiser and writing songs with a maturity that belies his years. (he's 25)

It would please us both greatly if you would have a listen to these two songs, his first solo releases. It Aint Easy has been a personal favourite of mine since I first heard it almost a year ago, and I'm so glad he's chosen it as his first release. Backed with My Life, these are the two songs that will launch him on the path to almost certain greatness...talent like this cannot and should not be ignored/not heard.

So please, take five minutes and give them a listen. They are truly gorgeous (yes, I know I'm biased, but I honestly think you'll love them and him too)

Should you decide you like him, follow him on Twitter here https://twitter.com/matthenshaw11 Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/matthenshaw11 Reverbnation here http://www.reverbnation.com/matthenshaw

Thanks lovelies.


Fic. You Think You Have Time. (1/1)

Title - You Think You Have Time
Author - Tardismate
Rating - PG13
Disclaimer - Not mine. If it was, DT would be forever tied to the show. Or me. Not fussy which...
Authors Note - I blame lillibetm3 for this, my second angsty fic in an absolute age. She tempted me with her ficathon, the Plus One Ficathon here http://lillibetm3.livejournal.com/222247.html . I am easily led...Not beta'd. It's only a little'un. And no smut. Apologies to my regular smut!fiends. Maybe next time ;) Written for prompt 15.

Angstfest this way...Collapse )

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