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Meanderings of a smut-filled mind

Tardismate's Ramblings

5 July 1960
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I am a 50 yr old single mum, partner of a truly gifted musical genius, with a 19yr old son. I love Indie music, going to live gigs as often as I can, and run the fanclub for my favourite band Censored) I am a would-be author and have just finished my first novel ( 120,000 words - it may or may not be any good, we'll see what a few publishers think).I'm also almost finished my second, semi-autobiographical book. Maybe publishers will like this chickfic style better. I am an inveterate sci-fi fan, and am completely obsessed with Doctor Who. David Tennant is the hottest man on this planet ( and probably a few others besides!) and probably the most talented actor in the country (not that I'm biased or anything).

Meanderings of a smut-filled mind

The fab banner here, and the one below were both done by the magnificent mitashade!